दूसरे दिन रजनीकांत की 2.0 ने हिलाया बॉक्सऑफिस गाड़े सफलता के झंडे कर डाल...

Friends, today we will talk about the biggest movie of the Asian country. By looking at the title, you have understood what we are going to say. Yes Yes Friends We are talking about 2.0 The movie is released tomorrow. And this movie has won the hearts of all the fans yesterday itself.

If we talk about Casting of this film, then in this film, there are big screen captains like Akshay Kumar, Rajniakant, Amy Jackson And this film has also been directed by South's famous film director S. Shankar. And AR Rahman has given amazing music in the film.

Now friends should bring the matter to you that no channel has said before you. Friends, this movie is made in Hollywood style. And those who worked in the movie who have previously worked in films like Life of Pie.

Now friends talk about collection. This film has earned 100 crores on the first day, and should be so much that the film has been released in 10 thousand screens. And this is going on for the second day so far it is estimated that today's business will make around 150 million business, so it is total, about 250 crore rupees in 2 days.

Keeping this collection in mind, critics are saying that this film will cross 1,000 million rupees. Now it will not be wrong to say that this film has overcome the Bahubali. Now it will be very interesting to see how far ahead this movie and how much it will go.