सभी धर्मों के लिए खोले मस्जिद के दरवाजे ताकि लोग जान सकें एक-दूसरे के धर...

सभी धर्मों के लिए खोले मस्जिद के दरवाजे ताकि लोग जान सकें एक-दूसरे के धर्मों को

The atmosphere in the country is being re-energized for the temple and the mosque. There is also a state-of-the-art policy on the mosque and people are also fighting to fight each other. For the past few years, crime in the name of religion across the country has increased significantly. Incidents like molestation and assaulting minority groups of the country are becoming commonplace. In this way, any attempt to add other people to it shines as a hope ray in the darkness. Similar hope was seen in Hyderabad in the previous day. Those who rule in the name of Hindu and Muslim, got a lesson from Hyderabad. This learning can become a nazir if people want it. Although the initiatives to strengthen the relationship took place two months ago. But today, it is more relevant to mention it when trying to dissolve poison in relationships.

At such a time a mosque has introduced a unique example of unity and communalism. This mosque has decided to open the door to all the religions and castes. This precedent has been proposed by a mosque based in Hyderabad, among the hatred being spread in the country. A mosque in Hyderabad has been opened by Muslims to raise awareness of Islam among all religions and castes. From now on, the mosque Rahmat Alam doors are open to everyone. Anyone in this mosque can come, whether it is of any religion or not from any caste.

A group of non-Muslims, including women, stood on the balcony and saw Muslims praying in a mosque in a Hyderabad mosque. This mosque opened its doors formally for the people of all religions. It was an opportunity for followers of different religions to know what the mosques look like from inside and how Muslims perform namaz. For this, this special program is being run, this work is being run in the name of the IA in my mosque. Under this, a group of twenty people started this initiative of giving information about the values and culture of the Muslim community of India. The historic step taken by the mosque is greatly appreciated all around.

Organizers of this program say that this program has been launched to promote communal harmony, peace and brotherhood among different religions. Many of us have appreciated this move. Visitors to the Masjid-e-Kuba, including Heritage worker P. Anuradha Reddy, went to see where they saw the organizers' chart, which have the interpretation of the basic principles of Islam. He said that such programs increase better understanding among the communities. The organization committee of the mosque is located in Mehdipatnam area. The committee had organized the 'Open Mosque' program for the first time, in which people of different religions were invited to visit the shrine for the purpose of trying to highlight Islam's education.

In this program, a large number of Hindus, Christians and Sikhs turned to the mosque where they were told in detail about Namaz, Ajan and Vaizu. Here, they were also told about the structure of mosques that why they are like the minarets and dome. The visitors were given dates and scales. Sheer Khurma is made from milk, sevai and dried fruits. The idea of an open mosque was the brainchild of Mohammad Mustafa. Mustafa recently embraced Islam. Actually, it was a message of brotherhood and unity. Apart from this, an attempt has been made to remove the illusion that Islam has spread. Organizers say that we do not know each other's religions and define them in their own way. Religion teaches us to become human. Every person gives a message of brotherhood, humility and love. Through this open mosque, we wanted to tell this story to the people. We got success in this.