भजन सम्राट अनूप जलोटा को लेकर राखी सावंत बाथरूम में ले जाकर करना चाहती ह...

Actress Rakhi Sawant has always been in the news about her controversial statements. Recently he has given a big deal to the Big Boss X X Contestant and Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota. Rakhi Sawant recently reached the Big Bang show of the streaming platform, Voot.

Let us know that things related to Big Boss 12 are discussed within this show. The show's host and artist, Aparashakti Khurana, asked Rakhi, who is her favorite contendant in Big Boss 12. On this he said that Sreesanth, but he should not be quick to go home.

After this, the superpower in the show, referring to Rakhi's breast knight, said that if Jasleen had to do some donate then what should he do? Replying to this, Rakhi said that he should donate anop because he will donate clothes and make-up, but it is better that he donate Anoop Jalota so that I can take a shower with him.

Let us tell you that hearing this reply of Rakhi Sawant, the non-superficial Khurana started laughing. Apart from this, Rakhi also quipped another Contestant in Big Boss 12 in Big Buzz. He called Deepika Kakkar a confectioner, and also made megha a joke. Recently, Rakhi Sawant has shared a video on her social media account.