तेजप्रताप के खिलाफ ससुर ने बताई सच्चाई कोर्ट अब कोर्ट में होगा ऐश्वर्या ...

Ridiculing RJD supremo's eldest son and former minister Tej Pratap Yadav, his wife Aishwarya Rai did not appear in the mood to withdraw the divorce application. There are only four days left for the hearing in the Family Court on November 29 (Thursday), but they have not returned home either, nor have they given any assurance regarding the withdrawal of the petition to the family members. There is a complete possibility that Pratap will now reach the court only on the hearing and will keep his point. In such a case, Chandra Roy, father of Aishwarya, has also started preparing to answer the charges against Aishwarya in the court. It is reported that Chandrika Roy's family has removed the certified copy of the divorce application from Patna's Family Court on Saturday.

Based on this, the answers will be prepared and presented in court. If the lawyers associated with the case believe, the case record has been put up for reporting on Saturday as the proceeding of the court proceedings in the case. The case will now be prepared for admission. The case will be reported on Monday. The court will decide on Thursday that what will happen next in this case.

Even after 24 days, Patna did not return fast: On November 2, after getting the divorce application from wife Aishwarya, Pratap got out of Patna after returning home even after 24 days. In the petition filed in the court, he has been accused of not being with them while accusing wife Aishwarya of harassment. Brother Ravi and father-in-law including father Lalu Prasad and mother Rabri Devi tried to persuade them, but they did not have any effect. Mother Rabri Devi also tried to meet her by visiting Delhi, but she did not believe. On Thursday, a tweet from 'Toote Too Jumte, Jute Gath Paray Jaaye' made it clear that the relationship of husband and wife can not be linked back with the same emotion.

Things were said to be choked: Before that Pratap has accused his family members that he got married for political gain. Parents made a pawn and married them. In the couple's life, she is greatly hurt by the behavior of the wife, so she will not go back from divorced. It is better to live by choking, that the path will be different. They believe that the Aishwarya South Pole is North Pole