युवराज सिंह ने मचाया फिर से तहलका 1 आॅवर में जड़े 8 छक्के बना विश्व रिकॉर्ड

Hello friends, welcome to all of you friends on our news channel Star India. Today we will talk about the great team of Indian team. Yes, friends, we will talk about Yuvraj Singh who made a world record by putting six sixes in six balls. Friends, this record is not played by any player, while the same record has been broken by Yuvraj Singh himself.

Friends Yuvraj Singh is going to perform very well and work hard to return to India. In one match after another Yuvraj Singh is playing very gloriously. Because his return is definitely the friends Yuvraj Singh is telling that I can now return to Team India and play well for Team India. We tell that Yuvraj Singh has shaken Team India by performing a recent miracle.

Friends Yuvraj Singh has done miracles by putting 8 sixes in one over. Friends tell you that he has made his teammate in the domestic T-20 tournament. Guitars struck on the first four balls of 16 overs, Shivraj Singh scored 20 sixes in both the balls and put two long sixes in the remaining two balls and put the world record of 8 sixes in an over.

Friends Yuvraj Singh, with 8 sixes in one, broke his own world record and released a brilliant display. For friends to inform you that the record has come in the National Cricket, but friends all know that the record is recorded only in International Cricket or in Tomic cricket.