जियो के 101 रुपये वाले प्लान ने मचा दी धूम दिवाली पर हिलाया पूरा टेलीकॉम...

All types of offers are being launched from time to time by Reliance Jio Company for all its kind customers. This offer of Reliance Geo Company is particularly prominent among the customers who want to use 4G data even after the 4G Speed ​​Data Limit is over. From this point on, all of you are aware that the arrival of the Reliance Geo Company has changed a lot in the telecom market.

There was a time when customers used 1GB of data for one month, and customers had to pay up to ₹ 300 for 1GB of data. But now it is not so, now live customers are using 1.5 to 5gb of data per day. Some of them are also those who end up every day's 4G Speed ​​Data Limit, this offer of Geo has been put in the telecom market keeping in mind such customers.

In this explosive offer of the Reliance Geo company, live customers get the convenience of enjoying 4G Speed ​​data even after the daily 4G Speed ​​Data limit is reached. This is the reason why this spectacular offer of Geo is becoming very popular among the customers. Validity of Geo's offer will work according to the current plan. The price of this offer by Xiao is only kept ₹ 101.

In this offer of live, customers are given 6GB data in ₹ 101. 6GB data will be used to validate the existing plan according to your convenience. This spectacular offer of the Reliance Geo Company has been included in the addon offer. Prior to the arrival of Reliance Geo, only 1GB of data had to be paid from 300 to 400, but now there is only 6GB data available in ₹ 101 in Geo. This proves that Geo has changed a lot since coming to Telecom Market.