बीन बजाने पर महिला के घर से निकले 18 सांप पर अंत में जो निकला उसे देखकर ...

Tirva tehsil of Kannauj where a widow lived in a hut with her two children. But something like that happened to him that he had to leave the cottage. Actually one day the woman came home after wages in the evening and fell asleep with her children as usual. In the next morning when she got up, she got two black serpents in the cottage Was scared and immediately ran away with the children near his neighbors. After that the people of the village called the snake charmer and then the serpente started playing the bean.

Playing the bean playing out of the house, one by one went out of the whole 18, and this thing did not end here, because even after seeing so many snakes, the serpent also suspected that there is no cleanliness inside the ground and hence the snake charmers Dug the cottage where hundreds of eggs from the snake came out, and seeing the screams from the people present there is being said that the snake species is very dangerous
The villagers are afraid that there should be no big treasure in this land, because according to each story, so many snakes are the same where there is a huge treasure and all the snakes protect the treasures