भारत को जीत के लिए चाहिए थे 2 रन तब विराट ने जानबूझकर रोहित के लिए कुछ ऐसा

In the fifth ODI between India and West Indies, India defeated the West Indies by nine wickets to take the series in their possession. Virat Kohli, who became the man of the series, scored 453 runs in five matches. The same man of the match was given to Ravindra Jadeja

During the same match, when India needed 2 runs to win, Virat Kohli did deliberately do something for Rohit Sharma and you would also appreciate him. In the 14th over, India needed 2 runs to win. Then Virat Kohli deliberately took 1 run so that Rohit Sharma could finish the match.
Virat Kohli wanted to win India by chawk or six, but he did not do that. They gave Rohit Sharma a strike and Rohit Sharma won the match with 9 runs for India