दिल्ली सहित 20 से अधिक शहरों में मुस्लिम युवाओं का ज़ोरदार प्रदर्शन PM म...

Against the increasingly racial discrimination in India, especially against discrimination against Muslim society, Muslim youth in this country have performed vigorously in more than 20 cities including the capital Delhi.

 According to the report, thousands of Muslim youth in India protested against the growing discrimination against Muslim society and against the atrocities committed against them in the country at a large extent in almost 20 other cities, including the capital. Discrimination with Muslims during the recent years in the country, in the play-chord of the hash-tag of "all our urban equals", together with more than 20 cities in different states of the country, including Parliament Street in Delhi. Against the government and demanded from the government to protect its civil rights
People protesting in the protest called the protest march in the first step and warned that if the government failed to prevent discrimination against Muslims, then indefinable protests would be in entire India. At the same time, the speakers included in the demonstrations appealed to the Muslims to campaign for voters and to include their names in the voter list.
It is notable that the main demands of protesters protesting were that every citizen of India deserves equal compensation and honor, every citizen of India has the right to equal justice to get justice. Respect our economic rights, respect our educational rights and respect our right to live