योगी सरकार देगी 25 लाख रुपये कर्ज,नहीं लौटानी पड़ेगी पूरी रकम,लेकिन करना...

योगी सरकार देगी 25 लाख रुपये कर्ज,नहीं लौटानी पड़ेगी पूरी रकम,लेकिन करना होगा ये काम

If you live in Uttar Pradesh then your good days can really come. The government has arranged this. The government will give you a loan of Rs 25 lakh. If you are wondering how to get good days from debt, then we will get answers to all your questions from those who are going to tell you further. The government will give you a loan of Rs 25 lakh but the entire 25 lakh will not be charged. You are going to benefit from 100, 200 or thousands of rupees. You will be forgiven six lakh 25 thousand rupees, this will be exemption from the government. But these loans will not be given to everyone, but to a particular person.

The Micro, Small and Medium section of the U.P. government has been approved to operate a scheme for funded under a district under one product program. In this, loans will be made available through the bank in the industry / service / business sector for selected Black Product of Azamgarh district.

Assistant Commissioner of Industries, Anurag Yadav, Deputy Commissioner of Industries has stated that the grants for the total project upto 25 lakhs are 25 percent maximum 6.25 lakh, grant amounting to 6.25 lakh on project, 25 lakh to 50 lakh, or 20 percent of project cost. Will be more. Similarly, the grants amounting to Rs 10 lakh or 10% of project cost, or grant of project funding of more than 150 lakhs, will be given by 10 percent of the project cost or maximum of 20 lakh margin money as on the project of 50 lakhs to 150 lakhs.

The said grant fund will be adjusted after two years of successful operation of the scheme. Generally the male beneficiary will have to contribute 10 percent of the project cost. Apart from this, all other beneficiary's own contribution will be 05 percent. The applicant should be at least 18 years old and there is no compulsion for educational qualification. The applicant should not be indebted to any financial institution. The applicant or any other member of his family has not been benefited from the grant of the government scheme.

Certificate of competent authority for the special category beneficiary will be compulsory. After that the selection of the beneficiary by the Task Force Committee formed under the chairmanship of the District Magistrate will be forwarded to the respective bank branches for financing. He said that in the financial year 2018-19, a person wishing to avail the benefits under this scheme can submit his form in Azamgarh, District Industries and Enterprise Promotion Center, till 20 November 2018. For any particular day, any workday can be contacted by the Assistant Commissioner, Industry Credit, Deputy Commissioner's Office. The format of the application form is available in the office.