रसोई गैस सिलेंडर को लेकर आई 2 बड़ी खुशखबरी अब सिर्फ इतने रुपए में मिलेगा...

Today's subject comes on gas cylinders and gas cylinders will be available at 328 rupees located in great news. Hello friends All of you are welcome in our channel. If you also use LPG cylinders then you must read this news till the end. Because two such good news is coming out for gas cylinders consumers. Knowing which is very important for those people, then read this news till the end.

Now you will get rid of the gas cylinder every month, in fact the government is getting ready to put every pipeline of every gas. Under which many such cities have been selected. Where pipeline of gas connection was laid. After which consumers will not need to take gas cylinders every month because their house has pipeline connections.

The Uttar Pradesh government has given a special gift to the women associated with the bright scheme. In fact, the women associated with the Ujjwal scheme were having trouble due to the rising prices of gas cylinders, after which the Uttar Pradesh government has announced to give 5 kg of cylinders to the women associated with the bright scheme in selected places. The price of which is only 328 rupees and those gas cylinders will also get gas subsidy of ₹ 128.