देशभर में अश्लील फिल्में देखने वालों पर लागू हुए 2 नए नियम देख लो नहीं त...

Today's theme is, two new rules that apply to porn viewers across the country. Friends, as you all know, every youth has become a smartphone and computer in today's time, as well as the arrival of Geo in India has become an internet connection from every young person's mobile phone. In India pornographic websites have begun to open more and the lives of youth are getting worse. In this context, two rules have been made by the government to look for porn in the whole country. So what is that rule? Today we will give you information about it in two points. So let's know.

1 - Prison for sharing on social media - In this situation, if you want to share pornography and share child pornography on social media, you will be subjected strictly by the government. After that you can be in jail.

2- Now the jio network will not be able to see porn - Friends stop obscenity in the society and according to the order of the Supreme Court, Xiao has blocked the website of 827 porn companies completely on their network. This means that you will not be able to access pornographic websites through the jio network.