मोदी का ऐलान गैस कनेक्शन वालों को मिलेगा 50 लाख रुपए का फायदा ये चीज होन...

Today's topic is the benefit of gas connections to the people of 50 lakh rupees. If you are also using gas connections, then you should know this news till the end. Because, on behalf of the government, gas connections are being given to a large extent which you need to know about.

All of you will know that nowadays gas cylinder accidents like gas cylinders explode in many homes due to which many people die and many people are injured. Due to this reason, the Modi government has made a big announcement of 50 lakh insurance cover to all customers with gas connections and know about it quickly.

If you or any member of your family dies in a gas cylinder accident in your house then the gas company will insure you 50 lakhs. For this, the death certificate will be sent to the nearest gas agency or police station and you will get Rs 50 lakh after some time.