रेलवे की टूटी पटरियाँ देख एक पैर से 6 किमी तक भागा ये शख्स,बचाई सैकड़ों ...

रेलवे की टूटी पटरियाँ देख एक पैर से 6 किमी तक भागा ये शख्स,बचाई सैकड़ों की जान

53-year-old Krishna Pujari living in Udupi do daily wages. Krishna Pujari is weak in walking with one leg. Due to a disease, his right foot is very weak. The doctor was advised to treat the foot, that he would go to the morning walking mornings. On Saturday, he also went on the morning walk like a mornings. When he was walking along the railway line, he saw a broken track. When he was watching him on the track, there was a train from there, which resulted in further cracks in the tracks.

Without time, the priest ran for 6 km with one leg and informed the railway staff that the tracks were broken. There was a big train accident-it was saved. Krishna Pujari, living in Korangrapadi, sticks to his family by working on a food stall. The priest said that, a year ago, there was a decrease in my nervous system. Because of which his right leg stopped working. I was advised by the doctor that in the mornings at the daily raths place, Which will comfort my leg muscles. Because of which the daily travels along the railway track

The priest said that, I live near the track of Korangrapadi railway. I have marked a place for touring the park. I used to stay with him every day. When I arrived there on Saturday, I saw railway track cracks near Brahmathana Nagabana. The priest said that soon after seeing no help, I soon started moving towards the Indrli railway station. Despite suffering from pain, I was able to reach the station office in 30 minutes. Railway officials issued an immediate alert on Krishna's information

After this he reached that place with the railway team. Until a train and had passed there, but the crack was now quite big. Officials said that a train was stopped seven kilometers before broken track and another train 16 kilometers ago. After this broken rail tracks were repaired. After 40 minutes the traffic could be restored