ATM कार्ड धारकों के लिए आई बुरी खबर बैंकों ने लिया यह बड़ा फैसला अब करना...

Considering the safety of customers, the Reserve Bank of India has issued strict instructions to all the banks. Due to this there will be significant changes in cash withdrawal and online banking related services. Banking related scams have been rising in recent times and to avoid this, the Reserve Bank of India has instructed all the banks to close cash withdrawal from the earliest ATMs so that the old ATM card holders Can be a little tricky for me.

Banks have decided to shut down the Magnetic Stripe based ATM Card in order to protect customers from scams, as per the RBI guidelines, though it will have a great effect on customers as many customers still use this ATM card during cash withdrawal. In fact, due to the cloning of this ATM card, the RBI has taken a big decision and now it has replaced the chip ATM card.

If you still have an ATM card with magnetic stripe, then now you can get chip ATM card by going to your nearest branch as soon as possible. This ATM card is being given to the bank free of charge to the customers.