भारत को कश्मीर क्यों है इतना जरूरी,वजह जानकर आप भी नहीं देना चाहेंगे कश्मीर

भारत को कश्मीर क्यों है इतना जरूरी,वजह जानकर आप भी नहीं देना चाहेंगे कश्मीर

Friends, today we will tell you why Kashmir is necessary for India and why do India and Pakistan always fight for it? Where the majority of the troops are there, the population of the whole country resides only 3% and the GDP cost of 10% is there.

But some people think that if Kashmir is given to Pakistan, then it can be friendship and all problems can end, but this is not the right thing to do, then know that if Kashmir separates from India, then What will this affect?

1. Kashmir was always a part of India

This means that Kashmir was from India from the very beginning. Even when the Mughal empire was still there and the British had slaves, so India did not want to give it up This is an integral part of India.

2. Water

Kashmir is a state of India from which large rivers pass, which go to Pakistan and Pakistan has placed hydro power plants on these rivers. If India wants, it can stop the flow of water and ruin Pakistan. Kashmir is very important for India.

3. Business

India's Kashmir is a state that has boundaries of three different countries, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Because of which India can do its business. If Kashmir is not with India, then India can not trade with these countries.

4. Integrated India

If Pakistan is given Kashmir, then India will become a fragmented country and many more will fulfill its stance. Their insistence that they should separate from India and by doing so, India will become a weak country, which is not well at all. This can ruin India.

5. Threat to Other States

This means, if Pakistan takes Kashmir, then it will start to feel India weak and attack other states as well. Pakistan will find an accessible way to attack, which can ruin India.

6. Kashmir is a natural wall that protects India

There are many big mountains like Mount Everest in Kashmir, which protect India. It is nature's nature that China and Pakistan can not directly attack India. It is a big mistake to give Kashmir to Pakistan, which India should never do.

We hope that you will understand our information and you will never agree to give Kashmir to Kashmir.