मोदी ने किया ऐलान अगर आपकी पत्नी के नाम पर है बैंक खाता तो ये खबर जरूर देखे

If your wife has a bank account, then a big news has come to you. As you know, the Modi government brings many such rules to the people who have a lot of influence in the lives of ordinary people. More recently, the Modi government has implemented a new rule.

Talk to your information that if you have a bank account in your wife's name. If you have not married yet, then you must definitely get this news. So that you do not face any kind of trouble in the future. For your information, let us know that a new rule has come into effect from the Modi Government. If you do not do that you will have to face difficulties
According to the new rules of Modi government, if your wife does a job somewhere and her salary is worth the income tax. But if he does not fill income tax then in such a situation, according to the new rules of the Modi government, he may have to pay double the penalty as income. That is, if your wife does not get income tax, then according to the new rules of Modi Government you may have to pay a big buck