बॉलीवुड अभिनेत्री का बयान साजिद खान ने मुझे कुत्ते के साथ सम्बन्ध बनाने ...

In a recent interview, Ahna has spoken on openly all issues, including sexual harassment in film industry films and Bollywood, in an interview, Bollywood actress Ahna Kumra, who has fame from the film Lipstick under my Burqa, Ahna said about his stride in that he had made quite a lot of things to work in films. Were never before so he acted in films instead of TV serial agent Raghav name on TV.

Ahna said that there was a round in his stroke that he was not getting the job and his mental health started to deteriorate. So he started thinking about committing suicide at one time. Then he said, Naseeruddin Shah said that Respect whatever work you are getting. If you are a good actor, you will get yourself the job, although it does not always happen because Ahna said that he has many fame. The characters have been removed from the last time. They said that the only girls are very strident. Many girls live together in a house sharing, they stand in line for hours and then they are told that they are so ugly or Looks like thick or horrible, then think of the girl's self-confidence.

Regarding the ongoing #MeToo Campaign in Bollywood, Ahna said that once Sajid sent me to me and said that you look hot on the bikini too, Casting managers are very bad to girls, once Anirban Bala has a hotel lobby I had told me that there is a room here, let's negotiate. I came from there, but in our industry it is said in general. Similarly, he said, And the course is often a desire to see the girls hot Dressage when I Lipstik under my then got burqa people feel that it's just bold film so I started coming only offer such bold movies say.

Talking about Sajid Khan, Ahna said that as written by Saloni, it is the same with you that you are sent to Sajid's room and you have to see what he is looking for when I asked him why we are not out When he sat, he said that his mother was sitting there and why he would have trouble. I also told him that my mother is a police officer, maybe that is why he came to me with respect. He also told me strange things like he asked me if I give you 100 crores, you will make a connection with the dog. Maybe he was giving me the message to be stupid. I mean, if he has to work in his mainstream films then his every Things to obey.