ओवैसी ने पहनी भगवा पगड़ी चढ़ गया इन पर योगी का रंग आखिर क्या थी वजह जो कर...

Talking about Muslim leaders in the politics of the country, Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi looks very much above. Known for his stoic and fanatic image, Owaisi once shocked everyone after wearing a saffron turban. We tell you that even though knowing everything, why did Owaisi start wearing a saffron turban?

Hyderabadi MP Owaisi was born and read only there. He also studied law from London. In the month of March this year, Owaisi took a Muslim cap and started wearing a hat of saffron and made a furry. His discussion started till he joined hands with BJP.
Owaisi had arrived in Belgaum for the rally in Karnataka elections. There he came in support of JDS candidate Owaisi had worn the campaign for the saffron turban candidate here because the people who came in the rally were Hindus. Owaisi used to wear a saffron turban to give them speech