पाकिस्तान के प्रधानमंत्री इमरान खान के लिए खतरा बनता जा रहा है सरगना हाफ...

A report from the prestigious Oxford University of the World states that the mastermind of the Mumbai attacks and terrorists can become Pakistan's prime minister in the coming years. This report is also astonishing as the party, supported by Hafiz in the general election of Pakistan held a few months ago, was defeated. The question arises, how can Hafiz become the Prime Minister of Pakistan? After all, what are the strengths that will bring them there?

Jihadi forces are constantly getting stronger

According to this report, jihadist powers are constantly getting stronger in Pakistan and they may be more dangerous in the days to come. Recently, the whole world saw the way the whole country was flooded with the issue of the release of Asiya Bibi Aasia is a Christian woman who was accused of blasphemy. It is being told that in the coming two years, the hold of radicals in Pakistan will be strengthened and it is a threat to the Imran government. Today, the strongest position among Pakistan's fundamentalists is believed to be Hafiz Saeed, so the probability of moving forward is also the highest.

Will Imran Khan's Board Reverse Hafiz Saeed

Now the question arises, how can Hafiz Saeed be so powerful that he can reach Pakistan's Prime Minister's chair? In fact, Hafiz, who remains unaffected to spread terror in India, is also known as a good relation with the army. It has been said in the Oxford report that Hafeez can become Pakistan Prime Minister by winning elections in the future. At the same time, political analysts also believe that with the support of fundamentalists and the army, Imran Khan can also reach this position by overthrowing the board.