इन पालतू जानवरो ने अपने ही मालिक को खा लिया सोच समझकर लाये इन्हे अपने घर

Today we are going to tell you about five such pets in the world who killed and killed their master. If you also want to bring a pet in your home, then read this news till the end -

5. Big Lizard
Ronald Huff had a truly unique animal near him. He wanted to separate something from the people, so Ronald made Commodo Dragon a pet in his home. We think that you will know what is going to happen next? When Ronald did not appear at home for a few days, his family got upset and called the police. When police investigated, they came to know that the Comodo dragon ate Ronald.

4. Hippopotamus
Making hippopotamus a pet can be a bad idea, because it is quite big and heavy. They get angry too quickly. A farmer living in South Africa found a hippopotamus on the way. For many years, he kept making pets in his fields. But after a few years the body of the person found floating in the river, which the hippopotamus chewed well.

3. Anaconda
In other countries, many people make dragon their pets. But it can be dangerous, thinking about it becomes a tremendous shock. A man named Greatbillian placed an anaconda sail 13 feet long. But one day his neighbor got his body, which was wrapped by his pet dragon.

2. Pet Dog

When the police reached the house of a person living in the US, the dog's actions standing at the gate seemed somewhat strange. When he went inside the house, he saw the body of the house owner. Now the question was whether the dog was doing odd acts because of the death of his master or did he kill his boss? Let us tell you that when the blood on the dog's face was checked, it was discovered that this blood was owned by him and there were dog bites on the body too.

1. Pet Cat

All of you would think that the cat is quite good and timid. But do you know that if you die, then the cat is one of those animals who ate them after the person died. This has happened to a woman. When his neighbor did not see him for a week, he called the police. When the police came inside the house, they saw the body of the owner of the house. The most disturbing thing was that the cat there at that time was eating that lady's body