राबड़ी आवास में तेज प्रताप के वकील की हुई पिटाई,ससुर चंद्रिका राय ने की ...

राबड़ी आवास में तेज प्रताप के वकील की हुई पिटाई,ससुर चंद्रिका राय ने की लप्पड़-थप्पड़

The relationship of Tej Pratap Yadav and Aishwarya Rai got stuck on a divorce and there is a ruckus over this matter. Tej Pratap Yadav also deleted his newborn Aishwarya Rai from personal life even before the social media. They deleted all the photos and videos of their wedding with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Tej Pratap broke his silence in Bodh Gaya on the issue of divorce from his wife Aishwarya. Said that there is no benefit to living through choking. I am a North Pole, Aishwarya South Pole. There was a fight in front of the family. The arrow has left the command, I am not going to take it back. Many people have done a lot to take political mileage, we will put everything in front of the court. It is worth mentioning that the fast has filed a divorce application in Aishwarya's family court in Patna on Thursday.

On Saturday, he alleged that Om Prakash and Nagmani made him a pawn by marrying him. Both of them are sons of their uncle who live in Saraulala. Vipin and Om Prakash have performed the show. I did not initially forbid marriage, but these people did a ruckus. If we do anything good then it is said to be bad in the family. Aishwarya is of high school, I do not even get her education. At the time of the fight, Aishwarya said that why did not divorced. We tested all the things, then went to the court's shelter

This is not a hasty decision. The arrow has left the command. Now let's say, if the Prime Minister speaks then I am not going to believe. Mr. Yadav had gone out to meet Ranchi father late on Friday and on the way the hotels of Bodh Gaya had stayed in Royal Ranjindency. They left from Bodh Gaya for Ranchi at around 11 am on Saturday morning. Party workers welcomed him at his arrival in Bodh Gaya. MLA Surjeet and other leaders were also present on this occasion.