यह फल खाने से मर्दाना ताकत हो जाएगी दुगनी निकाल दोगे बिस्तर पर पत्नी की ...

Today, I will talk about how masculine strength can be doubled. Due to regular diet and stress, the physical and maternal weakness of the person is continuously going down. To eliminate masculine weakness, the person uses different types of medicines which are very harmful to our body. The seeds of the cow are an Ayurvedic medicine from which we can remove the manly weakness.

The cow is a Ayurvedic medicine. The consumption of corn seeds causes the growth of human reproductive organs.

- Consumption of conch seeds removes pain in the stomach, waist pain, physical weakness and irritability during menstruation.

- Due to the consumption of Kanchka seeds, dreams of weaknesses, due to the number of weak sperms and initial discharge, the problems end with the roots.

By using conch seeds, the amount of blood in the body increases. And the body's immune system increases. Which means we can not have any disease.

Consumption of corn seeds increases the number of sperms in the body. And the problem of infertility can be overcome in humans.

How to use it: -

Boil the conch seeds in milk, and filter them. And dry the seeds for some time. Make a nice powder later. Take this powder in the morning with milk 5-5 grams of lentils in milk. By continuously consuming it, body and maternal weakness can be removed in a few days.