खुदाई में मिला शिवलिंग इंजीनियर ने तोड़ा..अगले ही पल उसके साथ जो हुआ देख...

You will also be amazed to know about these sentences in Jharkhand. Let's know what exactly was happening to the person whose hearts are still on the minds of the hearts. First of all, at that time there was a British rule in the country. They were working to lay a railway line in Jharkhand. While working, the land was being excavated and during this time workers got a Shivling

Seeing Shivalinga, he was shocked and stopped the work. Meanwhile, British engineer Robert Henry asked the laborers to dig it there again. When he heard about Shivaling from the laborers himself, he himself shoveled him with a shovel. The local people say that, those present at that time tried a lot to explain to the engineer, but he was not ready to listen to anyone and ultimately did what he should not have done. He struck the shoveling of God with a shovel
It was surprising that the engineer died shortly after this incident. Not only that, but the machine present there was closed after some time. After this incident which kept the science in mind, the government was forced to replace that railway route. Later on, there was a temple built, which is still worshiped today. Let us know, this temple is named Mahadevshal Dham, which is located in Goilkera of Jharkhand.