पाकिस्तानी हसीना के प्रेम जाल में फसा एक और बीएसएफ का जवान बता डाला भारत...

A young man of Indian BSF, who was foiled in Honey Trap trap of Pakistan, was arrested from Noida. The name of the young man is Achyutananda, the young man was posted on the post of Constable in BSF. The accused is also accused of giving Indian military intelligence to the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI

A BSF jawan Achyutanand Mishra himself was stuck in a patch trapped by terrorists. ATS investigation revealed that the ISI woman agent had liked a photo posted on Achyutanand's Facebook post.
After this, Achyutanand himself sent a friend request to the Pakistani woman on Facebook and flew into the tragedy. Significantly, after investigating on the basis of input of ATS's Army Intelligent, BSF soldier Achyutananda Mishra was arrested from Noida.
It was found in the investigation that the BSF jawan Achyutanand, who came in the Facebook ID scam, 90 people are also involved. Let me also tell you that Pakistan's intelligence agency has been making many such honeytrap in the past.
Through which he could catch Indian soldiers in his trap and gain India's intelligence and succeed in his nefarious intentions.