मोटरसाइकिल वालो के लिए आयी खबर पुरानी नई सभी बाईकों में लगना होगा ये सिस्टम

India has the highest bike accidents. That is why the government is taking a very tough decision on this. In this case, a new rule has been implemented by the government, under which it has been announced that by April 2019 anti-lock braking system or ABS will be installed in all the old new bikes of the country.

It is believed that bike accidents will be greatly reduced after applying anti-lock braking system in the bike. That's why the government will make it mandatory by April 2019 and it will be necessary for all the bikes to be installed. If you also have a bike, then you must also take this system into your bike scooter.

After the government's decision, all two wheeler maker companies have started working on setting up ABS systems in bikes and scooters. ABS system will be used to balance your bike and to brake at the right time. This system will provide better protection for bikes.