आखिर क्यों कर रहे हैं हिंदू धर्म परिवर्तन वजह जानकर आप दंग रह जायेंगे

Hinduism: Many people believe that it is not a religion, because there is no religion founder after the establishment of other religions, but there was no religion founder of Hindu religion.

You just give 5 minutes and know the truth of Hindu religion, and save your brothers and sisters from the change of religion.

Reason for change

What is the truth about Hindu religion before we go? We need to find the root cause of change in religion. I believe that the biggest reason is that Hindus are not aware of their religion founder.

If you ask anyone today who will establish the Hindu religion then they will not have any answer. If you have, then let us know in the comment.

This is the reason why the poor, who lack information. They very easily nowadays some people make up Islam and Christ religion. By listening to them that they will fulfill their needs, a poor person changes his name by hearing this, because it does not matter which religion he belongs to.

True of Hindu religion

There is some reason behind any work, people may have their own reasons for the change of religion. We can not stop anyone, but with a precise information, some people may be able to save themselves from losing their self-esteem. His only way is to get accurate information about his religion.

Now this information is probably very few Hindus, they do not know their religion founder, because there is no religion founder of Hindu religion. But knowing how to become a Hindu religion can also know the religion founder of Hindu religion. In reality, India's history is 5000 years old. As you can see in the Srishti cycle given below.

Altogether, there are four eras, and each one of them has an age of 1250 years. In the first 2500 years of India, there is only 'Adi Sanatan Devi-Devata Dharma'. Then there are other religions, such as Islam, Christ, Buddhism, Sanyas, Shikan etc.

Now that you know that the gods and goddesses you worshiped have ever ruled this world. They had such qualities and powers due to which they are worshiped, think if they dig their powers. That happens when Sanatan is towards the end of religion, then India is a victim of defilement and then the deity can not be called a deity, in the same way Hinduism is born.

You must be thinking now that how we know this, one time it comes when sin becomes increasing on the world, then 'Param Pita Parmatma Shiva' comes and gives knowledge of the Gita. Actually, Sanatan Dharma was founded by Parmatma Shiva only. The same Gita is the convincing proof of this truth.