ये है दुनिया के सबसे खतरनाक देश नाम जानकर दंग रह जाओगे आप....

There are many countries in the world, some of which are very powerful. But there are many countries in the world that are considered to be dangerous even when not very powerful. Today we are going to tell you about the world's 5 most dangerous countries. Going into these countries is like giving an invitation to death.


Somalia is an African country, which is a very poor and inaccessible country. Somalia has been ranked fifth on the list of the most dangerous countries. Everyday kidnapping, robbery and seizure of ships in Somalia are increasing rapidly. Somalia is an insecure country in terms of security.


Afghanistan is placed at number four in the list of the most dangerous countries. Afghanistan is a very dangerous country, where still everybody stands to death on every step. Most terrorist attacks are in Afghanistan. This country is completely scared of terrorism.


Yemen was once called a rich country, but today the problem of corruption and unemployment in Yemen has become so much that people have come out on the streets here. Haiti insurgents have captured many parts of the Yemen country. Ben is also on the freedom to speak in Yemen.


Syria is considered to be the second most dangerous country. At present, the whole world's eyes are in Syria. ISI is a terrorist organization in Syria. There is a shadow of death everywhere in Syria.


Pakistan has been confronting terrorism since its independence. Pakistan is a powerful country as well as a dangerous country. Terror attacks occur every day in Pakistan. Here the problem of loot and robbery has become commonplace. Pakistan is considered to be the world's first most dangerous country.