किन्नर को रुपए देते समय जरूर बोले ये बात घर में कभी नहीं आएगी पैसों की क...

Madhya Pradesh is a land full of diverse variations. There are many types of culture and traditions here. Although there is a tradition of giving dakshina by people in many festivals, but many times she herself comes to ask for Dakshina from you. They are the foremost among the people who take the dakshina. It is not just festival, but if anyone gets married here, or if there is auspicious thing, or a small child is born or a new house, then these shemars are there immediately and celebrate according to their own accord. The city's jyotishcharya Pandit Jagadish Sharma explains that if they have come to ask you for Dakshina, then do not make them angry even by forgetting them and they must do this work. Know what they are .....

- The donation given to the trader provides renewable virtue. Their prayers save the person from every disaster. Money is donated to the sheer. If you want to get rid of money problems then withdraw one rupee coin from any kind of money. If she gives you the coin with your own happiness, then wrap her in a green cloth and keep it in your purse or keep it in the safe. Doing so will solve your financial problems.

Do not let the kidnare be angry with him, always talk to him with love.
- Keep in mind that whenever shemars come to your house, do not give them money and give them money. In fact, whenever any money is given to a person, he gives a lot of prayers to us all. It is believed that the prayers from the mouth of the teenager are very beneficial for us. The fruits of these pleasures are found in our lives very quickly. But let us tell you that as many of their dues are effective, they are also dangerous and they should never be disappointed.

- Whenever any kind of money comes to demand money from us, then we try our best to give the money as soon as possible, in such a way that when you give money to the man and he is going from your home, then you give him only Speak magical words so you can benefit millions. When he starts coming out of the house, he must definitely say, 'Come and come', by doing so, he becomes happy and always keeps on celebrating in the house.