राजनीति के बड़े खिलाड़ी निकले तेज प्रताप ऐश्वर्या से तलाक तो ड्रामा ये ह...

In Bihar's politics, Laloo Yadav's son, Pratap Yadav, gave a stir. He applied to the court to divorce his wife. Since then, a lot of commotion has started. Sharp Pratap, who proved himself innocent in the whole matter, has emerged as a big player of politics. Let us tell you what the knowledgeable person is saying about the whole issue of where the politics is happening.

Why do not you get a divorce

Pratap has filed a divorce application court. He has given this petition in court to his lawyer friend, but under the Hindu Marriage Act, there is no hearing in the case of divorce before year, then the lawyer friend did not refuse them. In special circumstances, hearing is done only after six months but the fast and the marriage of Aishwarya has not been completed even for six months.

Thinking is the best way, there is also one in the family

Political analysts say that the matter is not a divorce from Aishwarya. This is a very thoughtful move of intense glory. He says that Aishwarya had made a lot of pressure for his father in the Lok Sabha election from Chhapra for the ticket. Aishwarya could also be dropped from this seat. Meanwhile, however, Stasi Yadav declared that the seat-in-law Aishwarya would not contest elections.

Chapra seat fights only for family

Chhapra seat is a seat which is Lalu's stronghold. The Lalu family is fighting a special fight from this seat. After the pressure of Aishwarya, this seat could go to Chandrika Rai's family, after which she would dominate her. For this reason, Pratap has made this drama so that Aishwarya's family could not put any pressure on him.