किन्नरों की हुंकार अयोध्या में बनेगा राम मंदिर नहीं तो मुसलमानो के खून क...

Chief Mahamandaleshwar Laxmi Narayan Tripathi of Kinnar Akhara said that there should be a Ram temple in Ayodhya. For the Ram temple, the Kannar community is ready to shed a single stroke of its blood

Mahamandaleshwar Tripathi and Kinnar Akhara spokesman Anita Maa said that Ram temple in Ayodhya will surely become and if needed, then she will be able to construct Ram temple with her blood. He said that all the political parties, making Ram temple idiots, are fooling people
He said that Ram was born in Ayodhya, the birthplace of Ram Lala. Now whether the temple is there or whether it will be made in Kerala. They say that the BJP government does not want the Ram temple to be built. He raises the issue of Ram Mandir and quarrels at the time of election, and every time he demands votes by the name of the temple. Ram became prime minister and chief minister and the government became such a long time, but did not give any concrete answer. This time we will come forward for the Ram temple, even if we have to extinguish our own blood.
The Kannar arena is also excited about the Aquarius in Prayagraj. This time, the Shemor Akhara will draw his Goddess journey with loudness. On 20th November, the akhada will perform his bhoomipujan and on 6th January the pujaadam will get his Devta Vyas from pomp. A large number of kinars of different states will be seen in Peshwa
Shekhar Akhara also said that the way the Yogi Government of Uttar Pradesh and the Modi government collaborated with the Kinnar community in Ujjain, in the same way, if they do not cooperate in Prayag Raj, they will knock on the court. The Akhara condemned the statement of Shashi Tharoor and said that Rahul Gandhi is going to Kailash Yatra and several renowned temples. Are they not Hindus? They are not Hindus. Tharoor himself is a Hindu, he should avoid such a statement