इस महान सिंगर की अभी अभी सड़क हादसे में हुई मौत फैंस को सड़क से हटाने में ...

This new year has either taken many Bollywood stars, or this year many actors are suffering from dangerous disease and are treating themselves. Once again, the big tragedies are coming from the film industry, according to which a Bollywood legend Singer has passed away. For your information, let's tell you that this great singer got a morning road accident in which he was seriously injured.

Now the news is coming that the singer has always blinded his eyes for this. This singer was none other than Singer Nitin Baali, who lived in the country from his remix songs in the 90's. 47-year-old Nitin Bali was seriously injured in a road accident where his face was badly injured, the doctor had sent him with a straw and sent him home.

After this Nitin Bali was immediately brought back to the hospital because after going home, Nitin Bali began to vomit blood and blood pressure was too low and even in Hartreet, Nitin Bali was unconscious due to unconsciousness. Added All of them were speculating that Nitin Bali would rise but unfortunately he did not open the eyes and the doctor declared him dead. Until the latest information is received, Nitin Bali's funeral will be done tomorrow, now the notice of his death has been given to his friend and close relatives.

For your information, let us know that Nitin Bali had married actress Roma Bali, who has known TV studios, Roma Bali is playing Mauli in Famous TV serial "Silly Changing Rishto" these days. Nitin Bali had been in the country for the entire 90s with remixes and pop songs. Filmed on late actress Sridevi, her song "Blue Blue Ambar" proved to be a big hit.