अॉपरेशन कर कछुए की बचाई जान पर उसके पेट से जो मिला उसे देख हर कोई हो गया...

In the world, we hear strange things and keep watching. Many such individuals or animals have to be seen who have a unique hobby. But later, these hobby reads them very expensive. Today, we are telling you the story of a turtle that surprised everyone.

Recently, a turtle has been found in Thailand, which has many coins in its stomach. These turtle people got on the shore of a sea where its condition was very bad and it was seen in a serious situation
When people located on the seashore took the turtle called 'Bank' to the hospital, the doctors examined that turtle. When the doctors scanned the turtle of the city, the doctors were stunned to see the situation inside that tortoise. Because of his 915 coins found in his stomach
Due to the weight of coins, on the ventral shell of the turtle, it was also a lung infection. The doctors treated the phishing hook found in the turtle's gut, treated it at the right time and saved his life. There was pressure, she was very upset with pain and swelling