एक हिट फिल्म देकर गायब हो गया था ये दिल आशिकाना का ये हीरो अब है इस हाल ...

I used to sing this song in the dolly of every youth at that time. And in this song, Hero has become a favorite of everyone. But who knew that this hero with a face and chocolate look will soon disappear from Bollywood. And will never be seen again. No one knows when it will happen in the film industry. Every Friday, the star of the fate of an actor shines. So, an actor comes flush on the floor with a flop. There are many instances when an actor has entered Bollywood from superhit film. And by giving a flop, that actor has disappeared from Bollywood. Today, we are going to meet you with this heart-thrashing hero, Karan Nath, who is entering Bollywood in Bollywood. This movie was a super hit. But Karan Nath suddenly disappeared from Bollywood

This question must have come to your mind why we are talking about Madhuri Dixit. But tell that Karan Nath's Madhuri is very deep with Dixit. Actually Madhuri's manager is Rikku Rakesh Nath. He has helped him in making Madhuri's career. Rikku Rakesh Nath is none other than Karan Nath's father
Rikku always wanted his son to grow up becoming an actor. Then what was Karan Nath's debut film proved to be a super hit at the box office. And this dream of Rikku also happened. After the first film hit, his demand in the film industry had gone up. After this film Karan Nath was considered to be the next superstar of Bollywood.
After the success of the first film, Rikku seemed to be making his son a big star. They thought that everyone has become the actress and actress of her son. But nothing like this has happened. Because Karan Nath's career started shouting since this film. Because of which Karan went to the depression
After the success of the debut film, Karan Nath made every effort to save his career. But his films became superflop one after the other. After which Karan joined Nath Flop stars list. Karan Nath has once again appeared on the big screen. But his look has changed quite
Karan Nath had done a debate in the year 2002. But after 15 years of debut, his look changed a lot. At the time of Debut, Karan Nath's look was a chocolate boy look. But now he is seen in the dashing boy's look. Now Karan Nath's look is quite rough and tougher