शाहरुख़, सलमान को नहीं बल्कि इनको दिया अंबानी ने ईशा की शादी का पहला कार्ड

The wedding of the daughter of country's largest industrialist Mukesh Ambani will be held in Mumbai on December 12, and in this marriage, many Bollywood stars and many industrialists will also come and this wedding card has also appeared, which is worth Rs. 3 lakhs.

And this card is the first person whose house has gone, it is not a star, but Uttarakhand is the Kedarnath and Badrinath temple, last time they gave the first card of their son's marriage to Lord Ganesha, so this time they have given this card here.

To go to the temple, Mukesh Ambani had walked 1 kilometer walk, and there he offered Rs 51 lakhs in the temple, and then worshiped there for a long time, his family was present there with him.

Let us tell you that the specialty of this card is that it is the treatment of Gayatri only when it is opened, which is auspicious, come on this card and write two words of A English which means Isha Ambani.

Ambani has proved this by working that whatever his money is as a human being with reverence, and connected to the land,