इस महिला ने खुद अपने हाथ से की अपनी ही सीजेरियन डिलीवरी देखकर सब हैरान

There is no more emotional and heart-related relationship than the mother. No one can give as much as a mother to children. A 36-year-old woman from Australia is truly a symbol of greatness to her mother. Nurse Carle Valuela has two children. They wanted a third child but the doctors said that the third child would not be normal but the possibility of cesarean operation was much more. Karle did not get disappointed and she gave birth to a new kind of Caesarean delivery through her own hands under the supervision of doctors.

When the baby was leaving from the lower part of the uterus during delivery, Karle helped her to take the baby out with her own hands. This operation is called Caesarean delivery with the help of mother. Carle said that she always wanted the child's first touch with her own hands and I am happy that my wish could be fulfilled. Both mother and daughter are healthy.