गांधी ने इस वजह से सरदार बल्लभ भाई पटेल को नहीं बनाया था प्रधानमंत्री दे...

After all, why Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel could not become the first Prime Minister of the country, the Congressman also wanted that he became the first Prime Minister of the country, but still why Mahatma Gandhi did not choose him, let's know the answers to some of the same questions.

Everybody knows that Sardar Patel, who went as a man, was absolutely a pragmatic politician, because every member of the Congress wanted him to see the Prime Minister of the country, but despite being so clever and bleached, he was not made the Prime Minister of the country. Let's go to know the reason of the year 1946

During the Quit India Movement, most of the Congress leaders were in jail, due to absence of election for six years, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was the president of the Congress party. In 1946, the presidential elections were to be held, Maulana Azad was also interested in participating in this election, as well as he was also keen to become the Prime Minister, but after Mahatma Gandhi's clear refusal, he had to leave the idea to Maulana Azad. In addition to doing so, Gandhi also released that his support was with Nehru.

29 April 1946 The last date for filing nomination for the post of President was the most surprising thing in the nomination was that Nehru did not get support from the Congress Committee of the state even after Gandhi's support, and the other three states did not support anyone 12 states The support received by Mrs. Patel was enough to make the chair.

But Gandhi wanted Nehru to hold the post of Congress, so he pressurized JB Kripalani to prepare some members of the Congress Working Committee to support Nehru. On the advice of Gandhiji, Kripalani ji accepted some members for this.

Gandhi met Sardar Patel and requested to remove his name from the Congress, Sardar Patel knew well that Gandhi's request was necessary to maintain the unity of the Congress under diplomacy and after which the Nehru Prime Minister's post Candidate was created

Nehru had become the Prime Minister but Gandhiji did this because it is a very big question. When Sardar Patel's candidate was removed from the post, only one thing came out of Rajendra Prasad's mouth that Gandhi again sacrificed a confidant of his beloved face for today's glittering face. Indeed, according to Gandhi's approach to Nehru and Patel, Gandhi liked a modern-day minded person who could see it as Nehru.

Gandhi felt that Nehru's liberal and soft policy would prove to be successful for the country; Some say that Gandhi was threatened to create a separate party if he was not appointed as a leader, so that the British could get the opportunity to put India's independence. Together with the entire country, they are ashamed of Nehru, because of this, Gandhi used his veto power in favor of Nehru. Perhaps this was the reason Gandhi said this. Received the rank and Nehru were blind to the power of desire.

Everyone has opposed Gandhi's decision and everyone considers this decision to be wrong, but still the question arises that why did not Sardar Patel oppose it? After all what was needed for them? Country or Gandhi?