भारत करने जा रहा है दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा रक्षा सौदा जिसके बाद अमेरिका भी ...

Friends India is going to be the largest defense deal in the world, under which India is bringing new aircraft to India under modern defense technology in India. This will increase the strength of India.

Under which the foreign producers, together with the company of India, will build the aircraft. Under which the Government of India has made a deal of 1.4 lakh crores.

Under which India will make 114 new aircraft. This aircraft will be the world's most modern aircraft, Indian Defense Minister Sitharaman says that this will strengthen India's defense mechanism.

Friends, the Indian Air Force citing its old planes, the Indian government had asked the new aircraft to be included, under which India is adding new new aircraft to its fleet.