सलमान खान की इन महंगी चीजों को देखकर आपके होश उड़ जाएंगे कीमत सुन चौक जाओगे

Actor Salman Khan, who is known for being the brother of Bollywood, is included in the list of Bollywood's most famous and rich actors. He has acted in more than one superhit film so far. But do you know how expensive Salman Khan keeps with him? If you do not know then today we will tell you about Salman Khan's five most expensive things he has.

1. Huge Propell 2014 XTC- Bicycle

Salman Khan does not have a shortage of trains, but he often wanders on his favorite favorite Bicycle Vishal Praapel 2014 XTC, which costs only 4.32 lakhs.

Private boat

Telling you all, Salman Khan also has a private boat worth 3 crore rupees. It is used by Salman Khan on special occasions, especially in his holidays and whenever he does the party.

3. Triplex Bandra Flat

Salman Khan's or flight is quite expensive, which is currently in the process of making it now. Tell all of you that this 11-story building Salman Khan has bought for 30 crores.

4. Panvel Farm House

Spread over 150 acres, this farm house of Salman Khan is very spectacular, in which there are three horses, three gymnasiums, gym, bridges and pets along with 5 horses. Often Salman Khan is seen staring at his farm house.

5. Being Human

The brand value of Salman Khan's brand, Beaming Human, is a total of 235 crores rupees. Which is owned by Salman Khan only. 10 percent of the profits earned from this brand are distributed among the poor annually.