अल्लाह में बहुत ताकत है इसलिए मुसलमान बनो :कन्हैया कुमार

अल्लाह में बहुत ताकत है इसलिए मुसलमान बनो :कन्हैया कुमार

Hello friends, who does not know Kanhaiya Kumar in today's time, Kanhaiya Kumar, who works as a communist, will appreciate what you would like to say about Islam. Darasal Kanhaiya Kumar is not a communist but a fundamentalist pawn, who wants to abuse Hinduism and propagate Islam by keeping Hindu names.

Until a number of years ago, communist was meant to be an atheist. A person who does not believe in any religion, while in today's perspective, some so-called communists have changed its entire definition. These people, in the name of communism, promote the fundamentalism of Islam and Christian machinery under the name of the Communist, and the evils of the whole world are seen only in the eternal religion.

When there were slogans of anti-India slogans in Jainu, Indians should have understood the tabs that now this Kanhaiya has also become Islamic fundamentalists. But then he did not open it, but now his pole has opened. In a Muslim conference, Kanhaiya Kumar has been seen doing evil of Hindus; Kanhaiya Kumar is also saying that there is no discrimination in the mosque, as well as Allah also believes and says that in Allah It is very powerful.

This Kanhaiya Kumar does not know the reality of fundamentalist religion. The religion of this religion is giving a cry that there is no discrimination there, so for this information, there is so much discrimination in the mosques of Dudu that admission of any other person as impotent and entry into the mosque is also prohibited. And this is also the place of the cathedral. I am not doing any evil of any religion but I am telling the truth, which people probably do not know. In Hinduu there is no caste in the temple. Never go to a temple and just look at the things of such an absurd people should not misunderstand your religion. The community of Kanhaiya is praised, people in the same community are being thirsty for each other's blood by shouting in Shia, Sunni, Ahmadiyya, Sufi, Devobandi, Barelvi Qadiani.