लालू के घर रात भर हुई बातचीत के बाद राबड़ी देवी ने लिया बेटे के तलाक पर ...

An episode in Bihar has been capped for two days. This is the matter of Laloo's son Tej Pratap Yadav's divorce petition given on Friday, after which it is being discussed on every side. There is another big news, however, that on Friday all the aspects were discussed between Rabri Devi and Aishwarya's father all night. After this Rabri Devi took a big decision. Let's know what the decision is.

Sharp Pratap's meeting with Lalu

On Saturday, Pratap met Laloo Yadav in Ranchi. Lalu tried to explain them but he made it clear that now PM can not change his decision too. He said that he has decided to divorce.

What did Rabri give after the conclave?

Meanwhile, Lalu's house was arranged on the late night late on Friday by Rabri and Aishwarya's father. Rabri has taken a big decision in this regard. Rabri has decided that Aishwarya will be in-laws now. He will not go anywhere. Let us tell you that Aishwarya had become a member of Laloo's family with Rabri's choice.