प्यार में इस लड़की ने गिफ्ट किया ऐसा अंग कि अब लें रही है हॉस्पीटल में आ...

People love to do a lot in love but friends have hardly ever heard this matter. Yes, you will tell about a girl who has done such a thing for her love, which will be considered as madness of the world. He messed up with his body in the grip of giving gifts to his boyfriend. Doctors said that this is utterly stupid.

This girl is from Mexico and she is 23 years old. In order to make her boyfriend happy, she has done her operation and has removed the belly button from her stomach, which means that the mark of the navel in the stomach has been cut off and disappeared. And she gifted her boyfriend as a sign. You should also know that their relationship is over.

This girl's name is Polina. And there was no speculation as to what it did, no damage was done for it for 3 years, but as the time passed, after 3 years, the doctors, who started getting sick, examined it and told that his life is now in danger. Now this girl is realizing her own mistake. Now he feels that he should have considered his family members and his life is not in danger.

At present, the girl's biggest difficulty is that her love is not with her nor her family with her. For information, tell her boyfriend to ask for this operation and this girl has done this work by taking pain. This girl thought that her boyfriend would never leave her together. The boy's name is Daniel. This girl thought that her boyfriend would keep her eye on her love but she did not do anything, she left her and went away. Now this girl has been very sorry.

Friends love is blind, but you know this, but the sacrifice of this girl was right for love. Let us write down our thoughts.