अमेरिका के राष्ट्रपति डोनाल्ड ट्रंप ने दिया पीएम मोदी को दूसरा झटका अब उ...

Friends, American President Donald Trump is being shocked at the frequent shock of the Modi government, firstly he refused to become a foreign guest due to the busy days of the Ganatantra Day Samrooh, and now another major blow has been given to the BJP by the Modi government.

US President Donald Trump has taken a tough stance on trade related issues and has discontinued the duty-free regime on 50 imported products from India, which would make the American goods expensive in India and the government would also face a big loss.

Please let us know that the US Federal Register issued a notification on Thursday, which has so far been informed about 90 products that have been exempted from the import duty under general tax-free provisions (GSP) are excluded from this list. This list will also hurt the exports to India from the US, as the 50 Indian companies involved in this list have also fallen out of the tax-exempt rebate till now. It is a strong decision of the Trump Administration against the Government of India.

US President Donald Trump has issued notification for removal of these products from a special category from Thursday. This stops are being seen as tough administration of the administration, which is being said against the Modi government, which can be difficult to overcome PM Narendra Modi.