इस सनसनी खबर ने उड़ा दी पाकिस्तान में बैठे आतंकवादियों की नींद,हो रही मो...

इस सनसनी खबर ने उड़ा दी पाकिस्तान में बैठे आतंकवादियों की नींद,हो रही मोदी सरकार की वाहवाही

There are frequent bad news about India in Jammu Kashmir, which is called Paradise of India. Tell you that Jammu and Kashmir is a land adjacent to Pakistan. This is the reason that the biggest rootstay of the dispute between India and Pakistan comes from the region of Jammu and Kashmir. Let us tell you that Pakistan is a country that wants to solve this matter with the help of terrorists instead of dealing with it. This is the reason why the Indian army in J & K is constantly engaged in the elimination of terrorists. In the meanwhile, there is a big news that the terrorists have sensed

Let us tell you that whenever a terrorist infiltrates into India's border or any citizen of Jammu and Kashmir gets along with the terrorists, then he comes to the target of the Indian army at the same time. After which the only work of the army is that the terrorist should be killed. Although you will be surprised to know that by 2017, the average age of any terrorist in India's J & K was 9 months. That is, the army took more than 9 months to kill any terrorist

But we all know that since the Modi government has been formed in the center since then the army has been given a lot of exemption from terrorists. In such cases, this age of terrorists has decreased considerably. Let me tell you that recently a report brought out by the Home Ministry has made it clear that any terrorist in Kashmir is alive for more than 6 months. Although this is the average age. And does not apply to all terrorists. But in this report it has proved that in the last 5 years, how the army is engaged in the cleaning of the terrorists. That is the reason that now the average age of terrorists has decreased. Because of which the Modi Government is getting applauded all over the country

Now it is possible for terrorists who sit across Pakistan to sleep in the night. Because Pakistan is seized by many terrorists and not ready to cross the border and is ready to infiltrate into India. It is, however, also decided that if the terrorists are ready to infiltrate, the Indian army is ready to target them.

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