मोदी का ऐलान अब अगर महिलाओं ने पहनी नाइटी तो उनके साथ किया जायेगा कुछ ऐसा

You have heard about some such decisions of the Khap Panchayat which are very poor people who are poor. In the past, some decisions were taken in these panchayats which have been very controversial, whether it is a woman's trials, or a tyrannical person or a man decides to pay 10,000 compensation or 100 slippers in exchange for rape with a woman. e.t.c. Most of the khap panchayats are in Haryana, Rajasthan or adjoining border areas and some areas of Uttar Pradesh. But apart from these areas there is also a state where such strange-faced decisions are taken. The state is Andhra Pradesh.

In a village of Andhra Pradesh, women have been declared fines for wearing nity in the day. He believes that by wearing nity we promote Western civilization and it is a garment that shows slurry. So women will not use nity in the day. If he was found wearing nity in the day, he would have to pay a fine of Rs 2000. With this, women who give this related information will be given a prize money of Rs. 1000.

Let us know that this incident belongs to the village of Thokapalli in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. However none of the 2400 women living in this village opposed this. Information about this rule was played by a conventional drum. At the same time, after the report was received in the media, the Tehsildar started his investigation from the level. A woman from the village said that there is no resistance in our village regarding the Naity. We all have decided together that women do not wear nity. There is no Khap Panchayat in our village.

Satyanarayan, the second resident of the village, said that we have taken a collective decision to ban Nitai, through which we have to protect the culture and tradition. Let us tell you that this village is the last village of Nidamrru Block before the famous Koleru Lake started. This village is primarily a village of fishermen.