खुदाई में मिली ऐसी चीज जिसे देख लोगों में मच गई भगदड़ अन्दर से निकला कुछ...

Today, many such cases are being heard that there are many treasures during excavation, so many Lord Shiva's idols ... but today we will hear the talk about the matter which we will talk about today because of excavation There was such a thing that people around them started shaking with fear.

According to sources, this matter was such that where the excavation was going on, at that time the workers came out in such a shovel that they were all surprised because there were many snakes on the spot when they dig it out, seeing the sight of the people Many of the snakes came out and the snakes were out and the stampede had come out.

However, no harm has occurred to anyone. After a while, one of them called the snake-holder and called all the snoops, but the workers were frightened in the heart of the place when the place was checked, then found a pot there, There were gold coins of silver.

These coins contain the images of Constantine and Maximian of the Roman Empire. The Archaeological Department has claimed that these coins are of that time when Rome used to govern most of Europe. But the price of these coins has not yet been ascertained as to what their cost will be.