ड्रामा क्वीन राखी सावंत का पहलवान ने किया बुरा हाल बिगड़ी हालत सीधे पहुंच...

After the fight with a foreign wrestler Rebel in Haryana, Bollywood's most famous actress Rakhi Sawant had to be admitted to a hospital in Ambala. Rakhi went to take part in the dance competition there, she was unaware of such a fight, but during the dance, foreign wrestler Rebel deliberately raised Rakhi in the air and fell on the ground that his waist was "broken" And they had to get admission immediately at the hospital

Foreign Wrestler Wrestler Raval, after winning the Fight, gave an Open Challenge and said that if any Indian woman has a breath, then she fought with me, but no woman was ready. After this, Rakhi Sawant came to the stage and gave a challenge to the female wrestler and said that if he has breath, then dance like him. After this the fight between the two started. People were hooting on Rakhi Sawant's toms. Some people started to show the foreign wrestler down the thumb. Rakhi Sawant also appeared to tease Rival. In a few moments Ravel got angry and took out Rakhi and threw him down. Organizing Committee member Balwan told that Rakhi Sawant had challenged the foreign wrestler rival to dance. After this, he suddenly got angry with the dance rival and he picked up Rakhi and slammed it down. Rakhi has been taken to the hospital. Right now his condition is fine
On Monday, Rakhi Sawant came to Khali in Ambala's hospital to know about the movement. During this, Khali also talked with Rakhi. He told Rakhi, did not you know that the Fergie Wrestler did not know that you went to dance, not to fight. Please tell, Rakhi Sawant is still admitted to the hospital, but still moaning with pain said, 'I should be a little fine, then I will take hold of that firangi wrestler on the ring