हिन्दू से मुस्लिम बनी इस बॉलीवुड अभिनेत्री ने सुनाई अपनी आपबीती सुनकर हो...

The legendary actress of South Indian films had accepted Islam in June 2014. Actress Monika Silanti is a famous actress from the Tamil Nadu state of India. The 26-year-old actress, after adopting Islamism, named M.G. from Namika Silanthi Has kept

Times of India wrote that 'composer A. R. After Rehman and Yuvan Shankar, Monica has also joined the caravan accepting Islam. Monika Urf Line Marutharaj, who was well-known for the Tamil film Azhaggi and Sylantyyyas, played the role of heroin and child artist in more than seventy Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada movies. Monica's parents are Christians
Monica says that after accepting Islam, she will now be away from the film industry and will not act in the future anymore. He started acting as a child actor from the movie Avasara Police-100. He said in a press conference that Islamic principles, not money or love, inspired me to accept Islam. He said that from the year 2010, he started reading about Islam and I thought like other people that Islam is a supporter of extremism but Islam is a religion of peace.