ये बॉलीवुड अभिनेत्री अपने प्रेमी के लिए बनी कॉलगर्ल दिल्ली में ग्राहकों ...

Model actress Angel Gupta, wanted to marry Manjeet, who died for her wife Manjeet's death, not only wanted to marry Manjeet, but she was so crazy in her love that she was ready for every job for him. Even for the Manjeet, the caller was also made.

Police have come to investigate that Manjeet also used to run an escort agency and in recent times, Angel had also become his partner in this work. In the case of police sources, while staying in Mumbai, even with many such girls from Angel Gupta and Manjeet It was known that, after the flop in the film industry, he had escorted into business. Police say that on the demand of the customers Manjeet and Sanjeev Gupta used to call such girls to Delhi through Angel Gupta. They were sent to the hotel and farm house. The police has got a lot of number of mobile data and several diaries of these three, which would consistently talk. The police is exploring these numbers.

Police officials said that Manjit had already picked up the police handle three times. There are cases of human trafficking, threats and fraud. These include Alipore in 2002, Prashant Vihar in 2008 and Mangolpuri area in 2016. He has also been caught in the case of Prashant Vihar. The file of the Prashant Vihar case is being re-opened and the remaining gang is being tried to find out.

Police officials said that model Angel Gupta and Manjeet had been in the Rani Bagh area for a long time. Manjeet had taken a flat on rent in Rani Bagh area. There were two of them together for quite a while, about which Sangeeta could not be known. Manjeet had lived with him in Rani Bagh making excuses to go out of Delhi. Sangeeta suspected that, but Manjit kept this thing hidden from his wife.

Police officials said that this time Manjeet was with Sangeeta at the house of Bawana on Karwa Chauth. But before Manjeet used to celebrate two to three times with Karwa Chauth Angel. This time Angel had a fight with this matter. This time, on the day of Karwa Chauth, Angel had also made several calls and video calls to Manjeet, which was debated with Sangeeta's Manjit. Sangeeta wrote this thing in her diary too. In the diary, Sangeeta expressed doubt about her being killed.