बेटे इजहान के साथ पहली बार नजर आयी भारतीय टेनिस स्टार सानिया मिर्जा देखिये

Friends Indian tennis player Sania Mirza has been in the limelight for her child recently. Friends, for the first time on Sunday night, Sania Mirza has appeared in front of the media with her son, Ihhanan, after which she has once again been in the headlines.

Let the friends know for your information that on 30th October Sania Mirza gave birth to a beautiful son as Ihaz, whose information was tweeted by her husband Shoaib Malik. Since then, India and Pakistan had a joyous wave in their relatives and all the fans.

After giving birth to son, for the first time last night, Sania Mirza has appeared in front of the media while going to her house with her son, Ihhan. Seeing Sania and her son as good, their crores of fans have been happy today and have been congratulating Sania for this new beginning of life.

Sania Mirza, who was seen in the camera, was still looking very beautiful and attractive. Sania Mirza is seen in her photo for her son in his lap. His son is also very beautiful like Sania.